How Bill It Now began.

The principals of Bill It Now owned and managed multiple programs. In their experience, they identified a critical shortcoming -- the absence of a comprehensive billing solution that met the needs of both the consumer and the broker.

The old way: Chronic problems and missed opportunities.

In the past, direct bill service providers suffered from chronic shortcomings:

  • Poor customer service to the insured and sub-producers
  • Lack of internet-based access to data
  • Post-loss premium checks were deposited to a lock box – and then cashed
  • Poor reconciliation process resulting in too many phone calls
  • 90+ days to send a returned premium check to the insured.
  • Zero co-branding, and lots of confusion.

The solution: State of the art. Web-based. Secure. Fully branded.

Bill It Now was created to provide one, unified platform for billing. It is growing strongly in the P&C sector and the Healthcare industry, where Bill It Now delivers these core benefits:

  • Powerful web-based self-service tools for brokers and consumers
  • Secure lock-box, with automatic blocks for cancelled accounts
  • Complete co-branding functions in envelopes, invoices, and all web pages
  • Commission distribution to retail brokers
  • MGA and premium remittance to the carrier – for lower cost of reconciliation

Expanded functions - and expanded benefits.

The Bill It Now system consolidates many billing-related functions to create the easiest, most efficient platform. For example, with Bill It Now you can:

  • Bill broker fees and taxes
  • Handle multiple policies in one invoice
  • Trigger state-compliant legal notifications for non-payment of premium
  • Process payments with ACH and credit cards
  • Work in real-time web services