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Insurance Carriers

Don't fall into the trap of using a premium finance solution modified for direct bill. Under the surface, direct bill is nothing like premium finance, and systems designed for premium finance will not handle direct bill in a manner that lends efficiency and value to your product. Bill It Now has been designed from the ground up as a direct bill platform that provides for the needs of the MGA while keeping the carrier's best interests in mind.
    Reduce Administrative Overhead
    Stop Absorbing financing Fees in Pricing
    Reduce Collection Activity

Managing General Agencies

Do you need the power of a direct bill solution, but hesitate to hand over your broker listing to your carriers? An intermediary like Bill It Now can provide the functionality you need while protecting your information from even other parties with access to the system.
    Empower Brokers to Self-Serve
    Eliminate Reconciliation of Broker Commission
    Reduce Phone Traffic for Billing Questions


With today's demand for installment options, premium finance or agency bill on installment are becoming your only options. Premium finance is a lot of up-front work and expensive for the insured. To stay competitive, you will find more business on agency bill on installment. This, however, is extremely labor intensive, and the exposure of uncollected earned premium can quickly eat up your commission revenue. Bill It Now can provide a direct bill solution with remittances in advance of your carrier payments.
    No Need to Rely on a 3rd Party for Answers to Your Client
    Reduce Non-Payment Ratio Through Statement Branding
    Stop Dealing with Cumbersome Premium Finance Contracts